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0241Tactical - Smock-Lite (ZIP FRONT).


100% USA MADE. Simple in design, tough, and affordable for everyone from airsofters to real-steal operator's. 0241Tactical will be the sole seller (product sold from producer directly to customer. No distributors means no mark-up prices! Built using genuine Mil-Spec materials with quality American construction. 

Focus on what this jacket is and is not. It is not a jacket full of hidden pockets you'll never use. It doesn't have removeable linings or a hidden jet-pack. Its simple, well constructed, it's practical. 


So 0241Tactical designed and built jackets void of excess pockets and accessories that become null and void once you don your equipment. These extras raise the cost of other Jackets. When you remove those items, whats left is a functional jacket that's built to incredible standards, and affordable - even in the more expensive patterns!

Yes these items are 100% USA made. 

Current Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large , XX-Large


These Jackets are made for each order so there may be a two week/three delay in shipping. Please order accordingly.

Select Pattern, Select Size, and order. These jackets will begin production Nov 15th through December 1st! These orders will be delivered by the 5th of December (US Customers) and estimated 15 December for international customers.



By ordering I acknowledge that there is a two to three week wait time for each Jacket as each jacket is cut, sewn, and mailed per order. I also acknowledge that there may be other delays (although our contractor is pretty fast) that could delay my order – 0241Tactical will keep you posted. I also understand that any other items I order will not ship until my Tactical Operator’s Pullover Jacket is ready to ship, UNLESS I specifically tell 0241Tactical that I want my items shipped separately. You may check with 0241Tactical ( to see the status of your order.


I have my own fabric that I want jackets made in!


* CUSTOM FABRIC - If you select the option for Custom Fabric, please understand that there can be additional time required as we have to wait for your fabric to arrive. We also require 3 yards (three yeards) of material to make a jacket. Also understand that we are human and errors can happen which would require us to refund your order if mistakes are made during construction (however this has not happend yet - just a disclaimer).


Send Fabric to: 0241Tactical, 7441 Camp Far West Rd, Wheatland, Ca 95692, United States



  • Large Hood to wear over headgear
  • YKK Coyote Brown Zipper
  • Roomy construction to allow for wear over other layers or with just a T-Shirt in warmer weather
  • Arm Pocket x2 with velcro loop on pockets 
  • Chest Pocket X 2
  • Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Draw string hood