PenCott Sandstorm HydeDefinition Patrol Pack Cover
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PenCott Sandstorm HydeDefinition Patrol Pack Cover

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  • Manufacturer: 0241Tactical
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SANDSTROM PenCott Patrol Pack Cover. Made of official HydeDefenition Nylon Cotton material that will fit a 3 day packs, and standard size packs.  Make your existing patrol pack blend with Sandstorm uniforms while protecting your contents from dust and critters. Patrol pack covers keep your gear free of dust and sand and provides you additional camouflage options by easily changing the color of your existing pack to match your current kit or uniform. Made from official HydeDefenition material.


Multiple colour variations can be applied to the base PenCott™ pattern to achieve optimum concealment results in differing terrain and environmental theatres. PenCott™ is omni-directional and achieves outstanding results using just 4 colours, making it an efficient and cost effective fabric.



Purchase is for one (1) backpack cover.