PenCott GreenZone, SnowDrift, BadLands Neck Gaiter
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PenCott GreenZone, SnowDrift, BadLands Neck Gaiter

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  • Manufacturer: 0241Tactical
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Our Premium PenCott Neck Gaiters are produced using a Brushed Polyester material coupled with a high strength, bonded, nylon thread to increase the strength and lengthen the life of your Neck Gaiter. This is an excellent material with excellent color retainability and incredible stretch. These neck gaiters will keep your head, face, and neck camouflaged. Use our Neck Gaiters to keep yourself protected from wind and dirt as well as enhance your camouflage scheme to match your PenCott kit and uniform. Produced by 0241Tactical in the United States using official PenCott materials.


Available in BadLands, GreenZone, SnowDrift