Multicam Tarp / Shelter

Multicam Tarp / Shelter
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Multicam Tarp / Basha Shelters are made from an IR compliant, water repellant product. Zeta is breathable and is face treated with a durable water repellant finish. Please note that water repellent does not mean waterproof. 100% USA Made Multicam material. Basha (referred to in the forces), British idiom for a shelter or a field-expedient improvised shelter. The Basha is normally built using poles, rope, and a poncho, but any tarp or natural cover will suffice. Basha is the same as the American pup tent, a Lean To, or the old shebang Shelter.Our Multicam Tarp / Basha Shelter are 59" X 90" inches with eight (8) tie down points made from 1" webbing and USA made "D" rings. 

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