Multicam Cold Weather Neck Gaiter
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Multicam Cold Weather Neck Gaiter

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  • Manufacturer: 0241Tactical
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Multicam Cold Weather Neck Gaiters wick away perspiration and provides warmth during extreme cold-weather. 0241Tactical Cold Weather Neck Gaiters available in: A-TACS FG, A-TACS LE, and A-TACS AU. Our neck gaiters keep your head camouflaged and protected from wind and wind. A must have while in cold environments. Wear your Neck Gaiter in multiple configurations to meet your needs. It’s a beanie, it's a balaclava, it's a scarf, from 0241Tactical the standard setter in Neck Gaiters. 0241Tactical Neck Gaiters are made from official fleece bonded with A high-performance, super smooth Multicam fabric designed for technical base-layers coupled with a spandex content dramatically increases stretch and compression properties of this Neck Gaiter. The Multicam Cold Weather Neck Gaiter is approximately nine inches tall which allows you to wear with comfort around your neck without excessive bunching of material and tuck your face and ears into the neck Gaiter as needed. The fleece is adhered to the Multicam material at the factory. A must have in cold weather!