Goggle Covers Select from multiple camouflage patterns
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Goggle Covers Select from multiple camouflage patterns

Price: $21.99
10 or more: $15.00 each
  • All Terrain Tiger:
  • CADPAT Products:
  • Navy AOR Pattern:
  • ERDL Woodland Products:
  • Goggle Covers:
  • A-TACS AU Products:
  • A-TACS FG Products:
  • Multicam Products:
  • MARPAT (Woodland & Desert) Products:
  • Manufacturer: 0241Tactical
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0241Tactical Goggle Covers protect your eye protection from scratches and keep them dust free while not in use. These covers are easily removed or attached as needed by using the velcro securing system. These goggle covers can remain on the helmet while you’re using your goggles by moving the cover to the side or back of the helmet, preventing loss of the goggle cover. Importantly you do not need to dissassemble your goggle from the strap like other goggle covers. 0241Tactical goggle covers are installed in seconds and keep your goggles clean and ready for use. Available in All Terrain Tiger Stripe, MARPAT Desert and Woodland, Multicam, Multicam Black, Multicam Arid, Multicam Tropic, Russian Flora, ERDL Green and Brown, CADPAT, and A-TACS FG & AU, ABU, and ACU, PenCott Patterns, and now Scorpion OCP.