Enhanced Backpack Covers
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Enhanced Backpack Covers

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  • Manufacturer: 0241Tactical
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The Enhanced Backpack Covers provide additional strength by adding web support straps that cross your backpack and secure behind your frame or even without a frame with Velcro at two different points - which will keep external attachments from falling off.  Additionally we have added draw string closure that tightens or loosens as your pack dictates so you can use your cover with more backpacks of different sizes . Like our other pack covers these provide more camouflage options by easily changing the color of your existing pack to match your current kit or uniform while protecting your pack’s contents from dust and debris while adding to your overall camouflage scheme. Produced by 0241Tactical in the United States. 0241Tactical Enhanced Backpack Covers are made of waterproof, Near Infrared, abrasion resistant berry compliant,  material. These will fit a large ALICE Backpack/Bergen or a pack or similar sized packs.


Available in A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Multicam, MARPAT Woodland and now PenCott GreenZone