ERDL (Brown Dominant) Woodland Camouflage Backpack Cover

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ERDL Brown Dominant Woodland Camouflage Backpack Cover. Made of vintage ERDL Cotton Ripstop material dated April 12 1978 that will fit a large or medium ALICE backpack or a pack of similar size. An excellent addition to Vietnam enthusiasts or collectors. Help your existing backpack blend with your ERDL camouflage uniform or Vietnam load-out or use the cover to conceal your pack while hunting! (Fits Large and Medium ALICE packs - inches 22" x 20" x 19" or equal sized backpacks). Backpack Covers keep your gear free of dust and sand and provides you additional camouflage options by easily changing the color of your existing pack to match your current kit or uniform. Made from official A-TACS Cotton Ripstop material produced in the United States these backpack covers fit Large and Medium Size ALICE packs or backpacks of similiar size/shape.



About the ERDL Patterns:


The pattern was initially produced in a lime-dominant colorway (Green Dominant), consisting of large organic shapes in mid green and brown, black ‘branches’, and light green ‘leaf highlights’. Shortly thereafter a brown-dominant scheme (with the light green replaced by light tan) was manufactured (Brown Dominant).


The two patterns are also known as "Lowland" and "Highland" ERDL, respectively ERDL pattern is a camouflage pattern developed by the United States Army at its Engineer Research & Development Laboratories (ERDL) in 1948. It was not issued to elite reconnaissance and special operations units until early 1967.